About SPSA

Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority (SPSA) was established in 2014, in consonance with the Amiri Decree No. 55 of 2014 issued by HIS HIGHTNESS SHEIKH DR. SULTAN BIN MOHAMMED ALQASIMI, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah.

About SPSA

Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority (SPSA) was established in 2014, in consonance with the Amiri Decree No. 55 of 2014 issued by HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH DR.SULTAN BIN MOHAMMED ALQASIMI, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah. In 2015, Law No. (8) was issued concerning the Regulation of Objectives, Mandate and Competencies of SPSA under which the mandate and competencies of SPSA include proposing the general controls and conditions necessary for the prevention of accidents and any risks to which establishments or their employees may be exposed, in addition to proposing controls and conditions for inspection of establishments and updating them periodically.

SPSA is also responsible for preparing the necessary technical and human cadres in cooperation and coordination with the responsible authorities for operating and managing the risk prevention and management systems. SPSA’s abilities and functions also include assisting the governmental entities in taking immediate procedures and measures necessary to prevent any compromises in prevention of accidents and risks, coordinating with the competent authorities in case of accidents that may jeopardize the public safety and cooperate with such authorities in reducing the negative or harmful impacts that may result from accidents in accordance with the approved controls measures.

SPSA is entitled to utilize the general controls and conditions for prevention and safety approved in the UAE, it is also concerned with developing and approving special training programs on prevention and safety, to raise the capabilities of the concerned people, by preparing, developing and implementing awareness programs related to occupational prevention, safety and health.

Chairman Message

No one may overlook the unparalleled and matchless economic thrive experienced by the Emirate of Sharjah under the sage leadership of HIS HIGHTNESS SHEIKH DR.SULTAN BIN MOHAMMED ALQASIMI, Ruler of Sharjah And the urban development and construction booming that accompanied such thrive, as well as the significant increase in investments in all the industrial, commercial and serves areas, the thing which demands the updating and promoting of safety standards and initiating the regulations and procedures guaranteeing the public safety of all the sectors of the society.

This is why His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah issued the Amiri Decree No. 55 of 2014 on the establishment of the Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority, which came in line with His Highness willingness and keenness to attain the highest safety standards for both the residents and employees of the Emirate as well as providing all means of protection for facilities, establishments and properties.

There is no doubt that our beloved Emirate is entitled of being a world leader in realizing the public safety of the society, by applying the upmost standards of prevention, safety, awareness-raising as well as developing and nurturing a culture of prevention among individuals, so that parents shall be rest assured of their children, the worker shall feel safe irrespective of the nature of his work, and the investor shall feel secured and assured concerning his investments and properties.

Praying to Allah the Almighty to help us in undertaking our mission for the good of our beloved Emirate and our generous nation.

- Shiekh Khalid Bin Saqer Al Qassimi

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“Zero Harm Environment”

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Our Mission

Enhance the quality of life in the emirate by applying the highest internationally recognized standards of prevention and safety to ensure the protection and safety of individuals and properties.

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Our Values

Happiness and Positive Energy,
Creativity and Innovation, Quality, Initiative,
Leadership and teamwork

Our Goals

- Cooperation and coordination with government and private agencies concerned with prevention, inspection and safety In order to protect society and ensure its safety.
- Contribute to the prevention of accidents and the protection of life and property for public safety.
- To develop awareness among the members of society about the ways of prevention, its importance and its impact on public safety.
- Application of the highest standards of safety, safety and quality approved globall.

Duties of SPSA Departments and Sections

First: Executive Office

- Provide the necessary administrative support to the Chairman of SPSA.
- Follow up on the implementation of the instructions and decisions issued by the Chairman of SPSA.
- Follow up on the implementation of the directives provided by the Chairman of SPSA to other departments to carry out the work assigned to them.
- Study and follow up the legal matters related to SPSA’s activity, in coordination with the concerned departments.
- Manage the work of the General Archive of SPSA.
- Raise SPSA’s readiness level to manage the business continuity system.
- Provide the necessary administrative support to the Business Continuity Committee in the Emirate and supervise the achievement of its objectives.

1- Secretarial Section:
  • Receive the internal and external calls (inquiries related to SPSA’s work/projects follow-up).
  • Monitor the e-mail of SPSA and the Executive Office and follow up as needed.
  • Follow up on the latest updates relating to the work of the SPSA’s departments.
  • Forward the incoming letters and verify the outgoing letters.
  • Prepare the external letters (which are concerned with the direct follow-up by the Executive Office).
  • Coordinate the meetings of the Chairman and Director of SPSA.
  • Follow up on reports and circulars issued by external entities
2- Business Continuity Section:
  • Raise SPSA's readiness level to deal with emergencies, crises and disasters.
  • Develop the business continuity strategy and execute training, exercises and drills plans in SPSA.
  • Develop awareness materials for business continuity and disseminate them across SPSA and the Emirate.
  • Follow-up on the implementation of the Business Continuity Management System according to the National Standard NCEMA 7000/2015 in the government entities in the Emirate and prepare reports for the Higher Committee on the extent of readiness and compliance with the National Standard in the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Update the risk register at the level of SPSA and the Emirate in coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Provide the necessary support to SPSA, as well as the external entities, teams and committees, with regard to the Business Continuity Management System.
3- Archives Section:
  • Receive the internal and external calls and reply to inquiries about following up on incoming and outgoing letters.
  • Issue the official correspondence.
  • Follow up on the delivery of outgoing letters with the external entities and the SPSA concerned departments.
  • Receive and archive incoming letters.
  • Follow up on the application of the privacy document management system in cooperation with the Sharjah Documentation and Archives Authority.
4- Legal Affairs Section:
  • Prepare and check the external letters (which are concerned with legal affairs).
  • Review and prepare contracts, agreements, memoranda of understanding and legislation.
  • Supervise all draft regulations and laws of SPSA.
  • Provide the necessary legal support to SPSA’s employees and departments.
Second: Support Services Department

- Plan, develop and train SPSA’s human resources.
- Manage SPSA's financial resources, prepare its own annual budget in line with the SPSA’s strategic plans and objectives, and verify the optimal disbursement of financial resources.
- Carry out all contract and procurement procedures related to SPSA in accordance with the Unified Financial System.
- Secure the necessary means of supply to perform work duties.
- Manage and develop SPSA’s network infrastructure and provide the necessary technical support to employees.
- Manage and operate the server systems, storage devices and local network.
- Prepare and organize events and conferences that would serve SPSA’s strategic objectives.
- Issue publications and procedural manuals related to prevention and safety requirements.
- Create and develop digital media.
- Establish partnerships and coordinate with the competent establishments with the aim of joint cooperation.
- Hold specialized seminars and participate in conferences in the field of prevention and safety.
- Receive inquiries and complaints from customers and refer them to the concerned persons.

1- Human Resources Section:
  • Employ talents and qualify them to perform their duties in a way corresponding with their experience and educational qualifications.
  • Coordinate training programs and courses in line with SPSA’s future requirements and employee competence.
  • Evaluate employees based on the job performance appraisal system.
  • Educate employees on their rights, duties, and compliance with the executive regulations of the Human Resources Law in the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Contribute to the development of SPSA's functioning mechanism, contribute to reducing the obstacles the employees may face, and seek to improve work.
  • Work on archiving employee data.
  • Fix salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions for various contracts in accordance with the executive regulations of the Human Resources Law.
  • Organize employees’ vacations and leaves and organize working hours.
  • Deploy circulars issued by the Human Resources Department.
2- Finance and General Services Section:
  • Issue and follow up with payments and purchase orders.
  • Manage petty cash and temporary advances.
  • Follow up on the outstanding amounts and the suppliers' payment notes.
  • Follow up the general budget and supervise its application with the departments.
  • Perform the financial analysis for the current year and coordinate its application mechanism with all departments.
  • Follow up on invoices, prepare payroll and manage money transfers between items listed in the financial system.
  • Create a monthly analysis of expenses.
  • Follow up on revenues from SPSA's projects (Aman, Salama Institute).
  • Undertake inventory of fixed assets and stores and prepare the related reports.
  • Exercise general supervision of SPSA's building in terms of maintenance and facilities management.
  • Exercise general supervision of SPSA's vehicles in terms of receiving and delivering them, periodic maintenance and replacement of parts or vehicles.
  • Submit periodic reports on the building maintenance and the violations.
3- Information Technology Section:
  • Develop the IT policies and strategies in SPSA.
  • Manage and develop the infrastructure of the information center and SPSA's network.
  • Develop the electronic systems that ensure the confidentiality of information to be maintained and protected.
  • Implement SPSA's digital transformation strategy.
  • Develop SPSA's technical systems and applications on a periodic basis.
  • Provide technical support to employees.
  • Work on raising the technical awareness of SPSAs employees and enhance the competencies of the department's employees.
4- Government Communication Section:
  • Prepare detailed annual plans for the external events and following up on their implementation.
  • Organize and manage the awareness-raising events and campaigns, whether external and internal, before, during and after the event.
  • Participate in external events of official nature (exhibitions, conferences and festivals).
  • Organize the "Prevention and Safety with Salama and Hamoud" workshop for children for the concerned entities.
  • Prepare the annual media appearance plan and follow up on its implementation.
  • Developing the media content and distributing it through various media channels.
  • Follow-up on all complaints or inquiries received by the department from the entities related to the press and refer them to the concerned departments.
  • Prepare the reports and statistics on social media or media content that is collected.
  • Monitor, follow up and archive everything related to SPSA in the media.
  • Cover events and perform image editing in a manner commensurate with the nature of work.
  • Media coordination for Salama project and Aman project, and undertake media follow-up to the morning newspapers.
  • Prepare a plan for managing social media and follow up on its implementation.
  • Design the internal and external awareness-raising publications and brochures related to social media.
  • Provide and contribute for SPSA's website (photos / news / events / videos / publications).
5- Customer Service Section:
  • Receive inquiries and complaints from customers and refer them to the different concerned departments.
  • Document all records of forms for customer service, and submit monthly reports.
  • Ensure the provision of high-quality customer service in pursuit of spreading the customer happiness culture.
Third: Standards and Conformity Department

- Develop the technical documents, guidelines, manuals and periodic publications related to occupational safety and health.
- Monitor compliance with the requirements of the Sharjah OSH System.
- Provide information to entities about the mechanism of compliance with the requirements of the Sharjah OSH System.
- Collect and analyze incidents data and proposing radical solutions to ensure that they do not recur.
- Supervise the early warning system project, 24/7 Aman.
- Develop specialized training programs on prevention and safety for all segments of society.
- Supervise the evaluation and licensing of occupational safety and health institutes in the Emirate.

1- Auditing and Inspection Section:
  • Perform awareness inspection of occupational safety and health procedures in the commercial and industrial establishments in the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Audit the commercial and industrial establishments according to the standards of the Sharjah OSH System.
  • Participate in the awareness-raising and control campaigns in the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Verify unsafe cases in the Emirate of Sharjah and follow up on their removal.
2- Standards Section:
  • Prepare Codes of Practices (CoP’s) with regard to occupational safety and health.
  • Prepare guidelines for occupational safety and health.
  • Supervise the Sharjah OSH System and monitor its efficiency.
  • Review the standards and manuals periodically and update them when necessary.
3- Projects Section:
  • Supervise the early warning system (Aman) according to the Executive Council Resolution No. 20 of 2019.
  • Manage the basic occupational safety and health training to ensure the establishment’s commitment to training employees on prevention matters to implement the highest standards of safety and security, based on the Executive Council Resolution No. 21 of 2019.
  • Supervise and manage the projects related to the Sharjah OSH System.
4- Training Institutes and Individuals Section:
  • Provide awareness training according to the quarterly plan.
  • Accredit preventive training institutes in the Emirate.
  • Accredit occupational Safety and Health trainers in the Emirate.
  • Approve the preventive training materials provided by the private preventive training institutes.
  • Supervise the private institutes and trainers.
5- Reports Section:
  • Receive reports of incidents in the workplace.
  • Receive performance reports for high-risk entities.
  • Analyze and Evaluate Data.
6 -Technical Support Section:
  • Supervise AMAN electronic system.
  • Supervise SALAMA electronic system.
  • Supervise Sharjah OSH electronic system.
Fourth: Institutional Excellence Department

- Formulate and develop SPSA's strategy and evaluate the performance indicators.
- Achieve greater customer satisfaction through the application of the quality system.
- Strengthen partnerships with companies, government, and private sectors to fulfil and keep pace with the requirements of industrial and digital development in the UAE.
- Promote the culture of government excellence and excellent service to customers and qualify SPSA to participate in awards.
- Implement and supervise the implementation of SPSA's projects in innovative ways.
- Prepare statistics by collecting, classifying and analyzing data and send such statistics to the decision makers.

1- Strategic Planning Section:
  • Prepare and develop SPSA's strategic plan.
  • Monitor the performance indicators of the departments, with a view to continuous improvement of institutional performance.
  • Spread the culture of unified-methodology work with the SPSA's departments.
  • Submit the quarterly reports to the Senior Management on the updates on the implementation of operational plans.
  • Prepare the business models for departments.
2- Quality Section:
  • Qualify SPSA with the Quality Management System (lSO 9001:2015)
  • Engineer the processes and develop the business models.
  • Follow up SPSA's performance and operations and submit the necessary reports.
  • Prepare operational and introductory work guides for SPSA's employees and customers to facilitate procedures and find opportunities for improvement through feedback.
3- Projects and Innovation Section:
  • Adopt new projects in SPSA.
  • Prepare strategies and initiatives for internal projects in SPSA.
  • Develop the initiatives and prepare proposals for them.
  • Adopt and develop proposals and submit reports on them to the Senior Management.
4- Statistics Section:
  • Provide the statistics related to SPSA's requirements.
  • Classify and analyze the statistics and submit reports to the Senior Management.
  • Provide the statistics based on the requirements of the Sharjah OSH System.
  • Use various statistical methods to develop and introduce services for SPSA.

Achievement Timeline


The Authority was established by Amiri Decree No. 55 of 2014


Law No. 8 of 2015 was issued on the objectives, authorities and specialties of the Authority.


Development of strategic plans.


Community awareness through the launch of various awareness programs including disaster and crisis management, and safe working environment.


Launching awareness-raising inspection campaigns and continuing awareness initiatives for the community.


Launch of AMAN project for early detection of fires, and the launch of SALAMA institute to reduce Occupational Health & Safety hazards by introducing specialized courses for workers in the Emirate of Sharjah.


Launching the institutes permit service by supervising preventive training institutes in the Emirate, assessing their performance and ensuring the quality of training services in this field.


Decision No. (15) was issued regarding the Sharjah Occupational Safety and Health System, which is the first of its kind at the Emirate level. The system includes standards for the safe conduct of activities at the level of private and government sectors