Business Continuity Committee

Business Continuity Management: All of the Corporation procedures and measures taken, with the aim of continuing to provide its basic services to the community, during emergencies, crises and disasters that the Corporation may be exposed to partially or as a whole, and include developing plans for facilities, services and individuals to ensure the continued services.

Business Continuity:  The Corporation’s ability to maintain basic services and products in the event of a disruption, within an acceptable timeframe and with specific capabilities.

The Business Continuity Committee was established and formed in the Emirate based on Executive Council Degree No. (30) And (31) of 2017.

Committee objectives:

· Ensuring business continuity of vital services with the concerned authorities in the Government of Sharjah.

· Building local potentials and capabilities (prevention and protection, emergency preparedness, response, and recovery).

· Achieving the highest levels of readiness and supporting the emergency crisis and disaster management system within government entities in the emirate.

For general inquiries and follow-up, please contact the Business Continuity Executive Committee via e-mail ( or via the number (06/5677770)

To download The National Standard for Business Continuity Management System (Specifications) NCEMA 7000:2021, please visit the link