Khaled Al Qasimi: "Prevention and Safety" aspires to a safe society free from dangers

Khaled Al Qasimi: "Prevention and Safety" aspires to a safe society free from dangers

In order to achieve its vision to reach a safe society free from dangers, His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Prevention and Safety Authority in Sharjah, stated that the Authority has continued its efforts to educate the segments of society in various aspects of public safety and occupational safety, in line with its strategic objectives of preserving the safety of society and the sustainability of assets In the Emirate of Sharjah, and raising the level of occupational safety and health culture, which would contribute to reducing accident rates, improving work quality and maintaining the safety of workers in the emirate. His Excellency also referred to Executive Council Resolution No. (15) of 2021 regarding the Sharjah Occupational Safety and Health System, Which aims to set minimum safety requirements for various activities operating in the emirate, by classifying all government agencies and private establishments according to the degree of risk of the activities they engage in, as employers must apply safety requirements related to the level of classification of their facilities.

His Excellency Sheikh Saif bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Director of the Prevention and Safety Authority, stated that the authority has issued many guidelines and professional practice guides to guide employers about the dangers associated with various professional activities and ways to manage and control risks to achieve the highest levels of safety. In workers’ facilities to ensure their safety and comfort, which includes people of determination, pregnant women and new mothers. These guides can be accessed through the authority’s website (

It is worth noting that the authority is currently developing a comprehensive electronic system to facilitate the process of employer registration and classification of their facilities. They can also close these notes and attach supporting evidence to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the Sharjah Occupational Safety and Health System. This electronic system also serves other segments of society where individuals can report unsafe cases and practices that endanger people's lives, and the authority communicates with establishments or competent authorities to remove or deal with the causes of danger.

The authority continues to implement its current projects represented by the early response system for fire alarms (Aman) and the Salama Institute for Preventive Training. In 2021 AD, more than 2,700 new facilities were registered in the Aman system, which enhances the ability for early intervention in fire cases and reduces emergency response time. Training more than 3,200 trainees at the Salama Institute for Preventive Training to contribute to improving the culture of safety and dealing with emergency situations. Aman and the Salama Institute for Preventive Training through the authority’s website, in line with Executive Council Resolutions No. (20) and (21) of 2019 AD, or by calling the Customer Service Center at 600515152, which works around the clock.

The authority also continued to present its awareness initiative, represented by preventive awareness inspection campaigns for various residential, commercial establishments and government agencies, and preventive training using remote training techniques, taking into account precautionary measures and with the aim of reaching the largest segment of beneficiaries, in addition to providing awareness workshops using the Salamtak bus, which provides a different experience for obtaining awareness training. In the workplace and free of charge, where more than 5,400 facilities were inspected this year and more than 3,300 trainees were trained. The bus visited 62 government and private agencies. The authority also carried out inspection campaigns for residential towers in the summer and carried out awareness visits to employers and workers in support of the law preventing Work during the afternoon and educate them about the dangers of working under direct sunlight to avoid heat stress and other related dangers.