Prevention and Safety Concludes its Training Program Small Inspector

Prevention and Safety Concludes its Training Program Small Inspector

The Prevention and Safety Authority has concluded its summer training program for its affiliated students, within the framework of the “Inspector Small” initiative launched by the Authority at the beginning of the summer vacation for students, in cooperation with the Department of Human Resources in the Emirate of Sharjah, in order to educate secondary school students about safety procedures in buildings and conduct inspection campaigns on buildings. In addition to the awareness programs that were offered to them specifically on a variety of topics covering all concepts of health and safety.

The summer training lasted for 4 weeks. The Standards and Conformity Department engaged trainees with awareness campaigns conducted by the Authority throughout the year for residential and commercial buildings. The Institute of Preventive Training provided personal protective equipment for all trainees to be equipped for the training period. Preventive awareness among them, where participants were trained in many skills and were introduced to occupational health and safety standards, fire safety and safety in office work, as well as the identification and use of personal protective equipment.

Nada Al Suwaidi, Director of the Government Communication Department at the Prevention and Safety Authority, said that the Authority has launched the "small inspector" initiative to train students and provide them with the skills and practical experiences required by the labor market. The Authority also looks forward to repeat this initiative annually, which will raise awareness among members of the community. Make ambassadors for safety among the community.

On the other hand, the participants in the program praised the extent of the benefit gained during the training period, the practical skills they have acquired and the scientific fields.

The trainees provided educational material on the most important preventive concepts, including occupational health and safety in factories, prevention of chemical risks and methods of using the first aid kit.

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