Prevention and Safety Launches “Home Security” Program

Prevention and Safety Launches “Home Security” Program

In a series of awareness programs launched by the Authority throughout the year, the Prevention and Safety Authority held an awareness program entitled "Home Security and Safety", in cooperation with the Department of Suburbs and Villages in the Khalidiya Suburb Council, which discussed the importance of health and safety, and how to identify and control We have also introduced a culture of “positive attitude towards safety”, which provides for the training of housewives, where everyone is a partner in the process of safety and risk prevention, along with a large number of important topics.

The program targeted female employees of Sharjah government departments and housewives to introduce the importance of securing homes and their roads, and the role of housewives in raising awareness among household members to ensure the spread of preventive awareness among families.

Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Prevention and Safety Authority, said: “The Prevention and Safety Authority strives to preserve the safety of life and property. Therefore, the Prevention and Safety Authority has launched a series of awareness programs for all segments of society.

He added: The security and safety factors in the homes are a set of determinants and standards aimed primarily to limit any human or material losses in the event of an emergency, in the narrowest possible extent to prevent the occurrence or spread, and there is no doubt that the risks of fire and ways to prevent them The evacuation of houses is one of the most important issues related to safety and security in buildings, which should occupy an important space in the awareness of housewives, in addition to the safety of electrical and gas connections.

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