Standards And Conformity Department

It studies and sets the Occupational Health and Safety related Standards for different critical sectors in the Emirate of Sharjah. It categorizes entities according to their risk and inform them to comply with safety requirement related to their risk level. In addition, it receives incidents, accidents and injuries reports to study the root cause and improve the OHS system accordingly.

It audits the entities that are complied with Occupational Health and Safety Standard by doing periodical/surveillance audits to note any findings and monitor the action plan.

Visiting different sectors in Sharjah as an awareness inspection to check the compliance with Occupational Health and Safety requirement

SPSA is currently working under awareness plan. There are no fines now except the fines related to "AMAN" system and "SALAMA" institute.

It is an electronic device that connects Fire Alarm Control Panel in the building from one side with the Civil Defense Control Room from the other side. This helps to get a faster response to fire accidents which will decrease any potential loss.

A fee of AED 4,200 will be charged on installation and an annual fee of AED 1,500 will be charged for maintenance and operation cost.

AMAN system installation is mandatory for all entities and optional for residential houses.

It is a management system that specifies the minimum safety requirements in each sector according to the risk category of the entity itself or the activity (high risk, medium risk, and low risk). This should help to protect the facility and the workers.

The management system is under development now by one of the biggest consultants in the world. It is expected to be published in 2021.

SPSA welcomes any cooperation from all interested parties. You can contact SPSA and you will be communicated soon.

There are 3 types of inspections; Awareness inspection, inspection as per landlord request and inspection once a complaint received from a tenant/public. All inspections are free at the moment.

SPSA does not issue any Safety Compliance Certificate now; however, a report of inspection findings will be submitted after the inspection.

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