Seven goals for the Occupational Safety Trainers Diploma in Sharjah

Seven goals for the Occupational Safety Trainers Diploma in Sharjah

The Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development at the University of Sharjah, Dr. Radi Mohsin Al-Zubaidi, confirmed to “Emirates Today” that there are seven basic objectives for the “Occupational Safety Trainers” diploma in Sharjah, pointing to the importance of the diploma, which the center implements for the benefit of the Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority.

He explained that the professional diploma for preparing occupational health and safety trainers supports the Authority’s objectives aimed at preparing the technical and human competencies necessary for operating and managing prevention systems, and facing risks to ensure public safety, to reach a risk-free society, through the application of the highest safety, safety and quality standards approved globally.
He indicated that the diploma received 51 trainees from various departments and authorities of Sharjah, 25 of whom graduated in 2019, and there are currently 26 employees.

The diploma contributes to the graduation of a team called “Safety Ambassadors” to train Sharjah government employees in the field of occupational health and safety. It also achieves seven main objectives, including enriching participants ’knowledge with modern training concepts, developing their skills and abilities in preparing and implementing training programs related to occupational health and safety. Learn the basics of occupational safety and health and risk management, how to deal with hazardous materials in handling and storage, assess health and safety risks and develop preventive plans.

He added that the objectives also include promoting a positive occupational health and safety culture in the construction sectors and projects, developing and implementing occupational health and safety policies, and developing, implementing and monitoring preventive systems in this area.
He pointed out that the Occupational Safety Diploma contains several axes, the most important of which are the basics and systems of occupational safety and health, the dangers of some activities and safety methods thereof, safety in construction sites and construction sites, safety principles in high-risk chemical industries, safety in dealing with electricity, theories of accidents, reporting and investigating them. , Fire safety, emergency management, and training of trainers.

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