96% productivity of the Safety and Prevention Authority in Sharjah

96% productivity of the Safety and Prevention Authority in Sharjah

The Prevention and Safety Authority in Sharjah provides increased employee productivity after activating work remotely, due to the availability of more time to work in various departments, including the Training Institute, which offered remote training courses, what is the time taken to complete the courses and move between the workplace and workshop headquarters, pointing out that Inspection activities have stopped completely due to corona virus.

She explained, for «Emirates Today», that the productivity of the Authority’s employees reached 96%, noting that this is due to several times, the most important of which is the employee’s responsibility, are all the requirements for remote work, and modern technology operations in time management and remote work.

This is due to the fact that it conducts a periodic evaluation for the employees, and it shows that there are six positive aspects of the remote work experience in the authority that includes: learning and preparedness for any emergency that may happen in the future, accomplishing the tasks at any time according to the work requirements, and not relying on coming to the workplace to complete the required tasks, adding that Teleworking has become an opportunity to develop the capabilities and skills of employees, and has created cooperation, coordination, and responsiveness, working, motivating and insisting on completing transactions, and a complete readiness to achieve results that demonstrate an improvement in the work system.

The Authority provides that the rate of customer satisfaction with the services provided by the Authority is high, noting that it has activated all its channels to respond to inquiries from all groups of society, and needs help, pointing out that awareness programs have been launched for employers, officials and workers, explaining the precautionary measures for the Corona virus outbreak in particular, Epidemics and infectious diseases in general, through the publication of short educational films, in Arabic, English, Hindi, Pashto and Malayalam, in addition to sign language also on their online platforms, to enable everyone to access them when needed.

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