Aman Ya Baladi discusses a Aman system to protect against fire mucus

Aman Ya Baladi discusses a Aman system to protect against fire mucus

The program "Aman Oh My Country", prepared by the Department of Media and Public Relations of Sharjah Police, which is broadcast live on Sharjah Radio, in its Sunday morning broadcast, discussed a number of various topics through its various stations, where the participating guests spoke from inside the studio, and by calling Dial about many different police and security topics.

Colonel Yusef Obaid bin Harmoul, Director of the Comprehensive Police Stations Department at Sharjah Police, spoke about the many services provided by the Comprehensive Police Centers Department in accordance with the highest quality standards to enhance customer satisfaction and happiness, in line with the vision of the wise leadership. He also touched on the initiative "Solh is Good "And the tangible results it has achieved to protect the rights of the authors of communications from institutions and individuals, to preserve relations between their parties, and to enable them to recover their money in an amicable manner before referring it to the Public Prosecution.

Lt. Col. Abdul Rahman Khater, Head of the Vehicles Licensing Department at Sharjah Police also spoke to the program about the requirements set by the Sharjah Police for the registration of trailers and caravans, as part of the efforts of the Sharjah Police General Command to reduce accidents on the road, which are in line with the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Interior. Aimed at making the roads safer.

During his phone call to the program, Major Faisal bin Amer, Head of the Protection Systems Department at the Electronic Services and Communications Department of Sharjah Police, spoke about the mechanism of implementing the system of securing vital installations in the Emirate of Sharjah through modern scientific foundations, through the installation of security surveillance systems, in addition to the deliberate standards for monitoring systems in Sharjah Police. .

During the second paragraph of the seminar, the program hosted Eng. Mohammed Al Zarouni, Director of the "Aman" System at the Prevention and Safety Authority in Sharjah, where the discussion revolved around the "Aman" project and its features that ensure a rapid response in cases of fire, in addition to the system requirements and the mechanism of its installation in all facilities, and the stages of implementation The project is in buildings and commercial facilities, addressing the efforts made by the Prevention and Safety Authority in Sharjah, through awareness campaigns to introduce this system and its positive impact on the safety and security of community members, to reach a fire-free society.

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