Khalid Al Qasimi Aman is the system approved in the Emirate of Sharjah

Khalid Al Qasimi Aman is the system approved in the Emirate of Sharjah

Sheikh Eng. Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Prevention and Safety Authority, expressed the importance of installing an early warning system "Aman" within the framework of the authority's commitment to the directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, to enhance the security of the population and protect lives and property The early warning system is a safety that, in turn, reduces the response time to fires and avoids their exacerbation, and the system monitors the validity of fire alarm and fire systems in the facilities and ensures their effectiveness, which leads to a reduction in accident rates, in order to improve fire prevention mechanisms and establish best practices, leading to a safe and free society Among the dangers, as the authority provides a safety service at competitive prices, suitable for all segments of society, as the aim of the service is to provide the highest levels of safety for individuals.

The Authority’s Chairman noted that “Aman” is the system approved in the Emirate of Sharjah according to Executive Council Resolution No. (20) of 2019 AD, whereby the decision requires industrial and commercial establishments and residential buildings to install a “safety” system to protect community members from fire hazards around the clock within an alarm system that alerts in Fire and emergency situations, and the system communicates with the operations room of the Civil Defense Department in the Emirate of Sharjah.

This came during the coordination meeting attended by Colonel Sami Al Naqbi, Director General of the General Administration of Civil Defense in the Emirate of Sharjah, and Sultan Al Ketbi, Executive Director of SANED, the main contractor for the Aman system, where developments in the safety system and ways to develop the system were discussed, and its efficiency was praised during the past period. The system contributed to significantly reducing the number of injuries, reducing fire accidents during the last period, and increasing the percentage of facilities' compliance with civil defense requirements.

System installed in 3,940 facilities
Engineer Muhammad Al-Zarouni, Director of a Safety System at the Prevention and Safety Authority, explained that there is a great and effective response by the authorities concerned with installing a “safety” system, as the number of establishments registered in the system reached 3,940 establishments, and the system worked to accelerate the response of firefighting teams and thus the system worked to reduce the number of fires. In the emirate, all cases were dealt with with high efficiency, as all the fires that broke out in the facilities were captured and reported electronically to the central control room of the civil defense, where they were reached in record time periods, which led to the protection of individuals and property, and called on the owners of the facilities that did not Registered in the system to accelerate compliance with Executive Council Resolution No. 20 to avoid any fines resulting from delays in installing a safety system.

Awareness campaigns with a safety system
Al-Zarouni indicated that the authority carries out periodic awareness campaigns to introduce the system, targeting building owners and owners of industrial and commercial establishments, through direct meetings and introductory forums with real estate developers and real estate companies, in addition to the generalization that the decision is mandatory by the General Administration of Civil Defense in Sharjah and the Public Works Department, Electricity and Water Authority. Sharjah, Sharjah Municipality, Commercial and Tourism Development Authority, Sharjah Special Education Authority, in addition to other service departments.

The authority participated in local and international exhibitions on fire systems, where it allocated a special platform to introduce the system to the pioneers of the fire systems industry, in the "Intersec" exhibition, which highlights the current boom in the security, safety and fire protection industries in the region.
Awareness campaigns were launched to introduce the system through street advertisements, various social media channels, and through television programs of Sharjah TV.

System registration mechanism
Al-Zarouni explained that the registration mechanism in the system begins by registering via the Prevention and Safety Authority website, or the AMAN security application included in the Android and iOS system, and then official documents are listed. For the facility registered in the system and setting a date for the visit and the initial inspection of the facility, and if the building meets all the conditions for installing the system, a safety device will be installed on the same day, and if the building does not meet the conditions, another date will be set for the second examination after completing the notes and modifications that are made. It was clarified in the first visit report.
The cost of installing a safety device is 4,200 AED, which is the price of the device, as the aim of the device is to prevent the dangers of fire and achieve the authority’s vision of reaching a safe and risk-free society.

It is noteworthy that the authority launched the "AMAN" system in April 2019 to monitor fire alarms in buildings and monitor their validity throughout the Emirate of Sharjah, in order to enhance the quality of life of citizens and residents in the emirate, in order to achieve the aspirations aimed at enhancing the quality of life of citizens and residents in Sharjah. Multiple alarms, the most important of which is the maintenance of the alarm panel and the fire pump, with continuous monitoring of these systems around the clock, which allows continuous monitoring of all maintenance companies, with the possibility of linking the device to other systems and devices in the future, which ensures comprehensive protection for the facilities in the emirate.

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