Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi the UAE will not forget its righteous martyrs

Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi the UAE will not forget its righteous martyrs

Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Prevention and Safety Authority, expressed his pride and pride on the occasion of Commemoration Day and its symbolism for the people of the nation in general and for the martyrs and their families in particular.

He said that we remember with pride and appreciation those righteous young people who gave their pure souls for the sacrifice of the dear homeland and the causes of humanity, the martyrs of the UAE, who gave their pure souls so that their country could live dear, safe and comfortable, and laid down the most wonderful epics and meanings of sacrifice and redemption for the country of pride and pride of the United Arab Emirates.

He added that the Day of the Martyrs will remain a source of pride, pride and a precious memory for the martyrs of the homeland and the duty who have pledged themselves to serve this good land and defend the dear homeland ... pointing out that the UAE and its people do not forget its righteous children who sought the highest forms of sacrifice and redemption for the sake of their country and spent the sake of protecting the homeland. They attained the honor of martyrdom, congratulating them for their status with God, and in the hearts and consciences of the leadership and people of the Emirati people.

On this anniversary, he said: “We ask God Almighty to bless the martyrs with His vast mercy and to dwell them in paradise with the righteous martyrs.” Stressing that the nation’s martyrs have a special place in the hearts of every Emirati because of their sacrifice and sacrifice in order to achieve victory for the nation and raise its flag.

Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi affirmed that the nation’s martyrs are torches that illuminate the paths of generations to their prosperous future, as they draw inspiration from their heroic stories through and lessons of heroism, sacrifice and redemption and represent in our conscience the finest example of loyalty and belonging to the country's leadership and its people.

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