Lamia Al Noman 1374 facilities joined Sharjah Occupational Safety and Health within 5 months

Lamia Al Noman 1374 facilities joined Sharjah Occupational Safety and Health within 5 months

Engineer Lamia Al Noman, Director of Support Services Department at the Prevention and Safety Authority in Sharjah, confirmed to Al Bayan that the Sharjah Occupational Safety and Health System aims to ensure the safety of all workers and those affected by the activities of employers in all facilities in the Emirate of Sharjah, and is the first system of its kind in the country, which It includes government agencies and private establishments, as it provides detailed guides guiding employers to the best ways to carry out dangerous activities, in order to avoid accidents, indicating that the authority graduated 1,830 trainees from the Safety Institute for Preventive Training, and inspected 2,371 facilities in Sharjah, and 1374 facilities were registered during 5 Months.

Professional Diploma

She explained that 1,830 trainees were graduated from the Salama Institute for Preventive Training, in the past 5 months, from graduates of the vocational diploma, to train occupational health and safety trainers, as they were selected from the employees of government agencies, and they studied at the Continuing Education Center at the University of Sharjah, in addition to the employees of government departments. The training included those concerned with occupational safety and health, and in view of the health conditions due to the “Corona” pandemic, the training was carried out “remotely” through specialized electronic programs, indicating that the professional diploma aims to create ambassadors for occupational safety and health in various agencies, so that they, in turn, train and qualify their colleagues in The field of work with safety procedures, to raise the level of preventive awareness among the largest possible segment of society.

response time

Engineer Al Noman added that the number of facilities registered in the "Aman" system in the 5 months of this year reached 1,374, and the "Aman" early warning system reduces the response time to fires and avoids their aggravation, and works to monitor the validity of warning and fire systems. In the establishments, and ensuring their effectiveness, which leads to reducing accident rates, in order to improve fire prevention mechanisms, and establish best practices, in order to reach a safe society free from dangers, where the Authority provides a safety service at prices that suit all segments of society, as the objective of the service, It is to provide the highest levels of safety for individuals, pointing out that the Prevention and Safety Authority inspected 2,371 facilities in Sharjah, in line with its annual plan to inspect facilities and buildings in the emirate, as it targeted commercial facilities in the industrial areas of Sharjah.