Prevention and Safety Authority organizes a package of programs to educate community members

Prevention and Safety Authority organizes a package of programs to educate community members

The Prevention and Safety Authority in Sharjah organized a package of training programs in cooperation with the Department of Child Protection, through remote training techniques using the "Zoom" program, as this package includes training programs that ensure the safety of local community members by providing them with health and preventive information necessary for them and in particular security And the safety of children, adolescents, and their parents.

The first training program, entitled "Security and Safety of Children", aims to educate parents and members of society about the importance of the safety of children in homes and facilities in general and introduce them to the most important risks that children and young adults may face, how to care for them and prevent them from being exposed to them, and how viruses are transmitted to them, followed by the program The training entitled "Home Safety", which deals with caring for children in various fields that enhance the role of the family in protecting the child from potential dangers inside the home, especially in the kitchens.

Hanadi Saleh Al Yafei, Director of the Child Safety Department, stated that the launch of the "Child Safety" summer virtual camp is part of the administration's strategy to raise community awareness in innovative ways. With the beginning of the summer vacation and the commitment of many families to their homes more than previous years, the camp comes in response to the needs of families from parents. Children have a variety of important topics about the child's physical and psychological integrity specifically during this period. Sessions and dialogues deal with how to secure homes, first aid, dealing with cases of swallowing foreign bodies, introducing child rights, and enhancing positivity and self-confidence.

Al-Yafei added that concerted efforts and institutional partnerships are one of the most important factors for the success of our awareness efforts, so we are pleased to cooperate with the Prevention and Safety Authority in Sharjah, as well as many relevant institutions and bodies in the emirate that will participate in presenting the sessions and dialogues in an interactive manner through social media and visual communication programs.

Engineer Abdullah Al-Majdi, Director of the Agency’s Preventive Training Institute, in the Prevention and Safety Authority, emphasized that the authority seeks to achieve its strategic goals of reaching a safe society free from dangers, by providing preventive awareness and broadcasting a culture of behavioral safety among community members. Awareness programs, and providing quality programs that contribute effectively to the development of human resources in the areas of occupational health and safety for members of the local community.

Al-Majidi added, in the past period, the authority announced the training programs on the authority's website, which enables the authorities to identify the training programs that their employees need and communicate with the authority to present them through remote training techniques. Where a number of agencies have already booked training course dates and selected them from the list published on the website.

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