Prevention and safety enhances community awareness of disease protection measures

Prevention and safety enhances community awareness of disease protection measures

In light of the current conditions that the world is going through in the current period, which forces institutions to change their working methods, reduce working hours, and compel individuals to apply the so-called social spacing, to ensure that no diseases or viruses are transmitted and the mechanisms of containing infectious diseases through breathing or other diseases are not transmitted. .

The Prevention and Safety Authority made a plan to communicate its mission and goals represented in its vision of "reaching a safe and risk-free society", as it harnessed the latest modern capabilities in the virtual communication, to spread awareness messages to members of the public in all groups.

The authority also provided courses and programs for its employees to protect them from transmitting diseases and infectious viruses, the correct sterilization methods and the most important information about viruses.

On the other hand, the authority provided 13 training and awareness sessions targeting more than 250 employees from various regions. The courses focused on occupational safety and health, as well as the basics of first aid and the safety of the elderly and children.

In addition, the authority has implemented awareness-raising workshops on the aforementioned diseases and viruses, through the use of social networking applications such as "Instagram and Facebook" in addition to the remote training platforms (Zoom-WebEx), which provide a quick and effective picture to convey educational messages to the largest segment of society. .

His Excellency Sheikh Eng. Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Protection and Safety Authority in Sharjah, stressed that communicating the idea of ​​safety first is a cooperative role between the Protection and Safety Authority and members of the public, where every person must inform his family members about the safety measures that must be taken in cases of injury or fire outbreak (God forbid) This is to ensure that the individual is ready to protect family members, his family, or even the establishment in which he works.

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