Prevention and Safety offers a training package for Sharjah Humanitarian Staff

Prevention and Safety offers a training package for Sharjah Humanitarian Staff

The Prevention and Safety Authority has implemented a package of specialized training programs that are appropriate to the needs of the career cadres of the employees of the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, and its contents are compatible with the skills and competencies required of employees to enhance and develop them.

The training programs are in line with the goals of the authority in raising the level of preventive awareness in the field of prevention and safety, and the programs include both the basics of occupational health and safety, in addition to the safety and security of children, and certificates will be delivered after the end of the training program package.

This comes out of the Authority's keenness to keep abreast of the rapid changes and developments, and develop the performance of human resources and enhance the culture of smart learning in line with the skills of employees, and consistent with the strategic goals and values ​​adopted by the Authority.

As the authority replaced the training programs with remote training techniques instead of the programs provided directly, as an alternative measure following the Corona pandemic with the aim of business continuity, as it found great interest from the concerned authorities in the educational programs.

The Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services has also expressed pride in the ongoing partnership with the Sharjah Safety and Prevention Authority, which embodies the emirate’s vision in creating a safe environment for all citizens, residents and visitors to it, within a training system that provides rehabilitation and training to the city’s work team and providing them with the necessary skills, and supports the city’s work with people with Disability which requires the provision of an environment of the highest safety standards.

The engineer, Lamia Al-Noman, Director of the Support Services Department at the authority, said that the authority continued through the preventive training institute to provide remote training courses to complete its training programs that were prepared before the pandemic, noting that the institute is doing its best to reach the largest possible segment of society, as the programs are provided to the authorities Governmental, and other community members.

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