Prevention and Safety Sharjah launches the Safe Return to School initiative

Prevention and Safety Sharjah launches the Safe Return to School initiative

 The Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority launched the "Safe Return to Schools" initiative in cooperation with the Sharjah Special Education Authority and the Sharjah Educational Zone, with the aim of preparing students to return to schools and reminding students of the importance of adhering to safety requirements to prevent the virus to ensure their safety and to achieve its vision aimed at reaching a community Safe, risk-free.

Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Prevention and Safety Authority, stated that the authority seeks joint cooperation with all government agencies in order to achieve the highest levels of safety and prevent risks, in order to achieve its vision of reaching a safe society free of risks.

He pointed out that the authority launched the initiative in line with the guide to return to schools in light of the current crisis launched by the Sharjah Private Education Authority to work in Sharjah schools, which clarifies safety procedures in schools to limit the spread of the virus, manage risks, educate children and train them on procedures for personal hygiene and the importance of following procedures The precautionary measures set by the educational facility with directing the student to the necessity of using personal protective equipment throughout his stay in the educational facility and the bus.

Engineer Abdullah Al-Majidi, Director of the Preventive Training Institute at the Prevention and Safety Authority, stressed the necessity of following up the implementation of precautionary measures by occupational health and safety officials in schools, referring to a series of operational and administrative procedures that ensure the return of our students to a safe educational environment that meets the highest standards of health and safety and all the requirements issued On the authority of the relevant regulatory bodies, which contributes to the development of the educational process, enhances productivity, the level of academic and knowledge achievement, innovation, and prepares future leaders to improve the educational outcomes and create an innovative generation.

He added that the procedures include requirements for periodic sterilization and commitment to physical distancing, as well as the requirements for personal protection, transportation and food, as the guide includes all important aspects of prevention and ensuring the protection of students, educational and administrative staff in schools, which contributes to enabling students and teachers to return in comfort and safety to enable them to focus on the educational process.

For his part, His Excellency Ali Al Hosani, Director of the Sharjah Special Education Authority, affirmed the authority's keenness to expand the scope of its partnerships and cooperation with various bodies with the aim of strengthening the pillars of the educational system and upgrading its tools by establishing the concepts and culture of teamwork as it is a national duty imposed by a sense of belonging to the homeland to ensure the continuation of the process of development and development that Wise leadership bears its torch.

Al Hosani said that the cooperation of the Sharjah Private Education Authority with the Prevention and Safety Authority stems from our belief in the need to benefit from and benefit from the expertise and experiences of other agencies to ensure the achievement of the desired goals, especially since the current stage requires concerted efforts to contain the pandemic and enhance the awareness of students, parents and workers in educational institutions alike of concepts And the culture of self-prevention, raising the ceiling of their health awareness, and intensifying work in preparation for the return of students to their academic seats and the return of the educational system and school life to normal.

Al Hosani stressed the need to continue adhering to preventive and precautionary measures within educational facilities, pointing to achieving the principle of complementarity between all concerned parties and standing at the obligations and duties imposed by the nature of this stage to confront and cross the current crisis .. calling for concerted efforts to perform the educational and educational mission in an optimal manner to confront The virus and provide all possible support in order to maintain the quality of education.

Hessa Al Khaja, Director of the Sharjah Educational Zone, said that under the current circumstances, we must be more aware and aware of the dangers that beset us with the return to studies and with the beginning of the school year, everyone must take caution and caution and adhere to the instructions issued by the concerned authorities because continuing education represents a challenge to the Ministry of Education .. Pointing out that the UAE has proven that it is able to overcome this challenge, with its expertise and capabilities that have become an example for many countries that have been unable to complete their educational journey.

She added that the Ministry of Education provided the hybrid education model this year to provide opportunities for all students to receive their education in the way they prefer, while taking into account the reasons and precautionary measures.

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