Sharjah Education Council New methods of education according to the highest educational standards

Sharjah Education Council New methods of education according to the highest educational standards

During the current health crisis, the Sharjah Education Council formed a major axis in strengthening the education system in the emirate by adopting new methods of education and providing the best educational and educational services and initiatives in accordance with the highest standards for students remotely. It launched a series of educational and awareness programs and lectures as part of its annual program aimed at refining and building character Emirati citizenship and instilling the values ​​of good citizenship in the hearts of those targeted and occupying free time during the summer vacation in a way that benefits students and the educational field for benefit and goodness, and work to support and nurture talents and skills and provide the target with a variety of advanced experiences with a group of officials and specialists.


Dr. Saeed Al Kaabi, Chairman of the Sharjah Education Council, said that the current crisis was able to change the traditional methods of work and quickly transform it towards the use of different means and technologies, which encouraged commercial companies and employers to cooperate to produce accelerators and find quick solutions to face this crisis.

He pointed out that starting the work system again will be done with organizational readiness for change and transformation to face the upcoming challenges, rapid movement and adaptation, speed in decision-making, and provision of all necessary capabilities to prepare for 100% remote work for all job levels at the time of need, which contribute to achieving the Council’s strategy and objectives with high efficiency, as well. Scenarios will be developed to foresee the future and develop solutions to problems that may occur in the future, as well as continuing to allow some employees to work remotely .. It is expected that job titles will be created for some jobs to work remotely and more work will be transferred to remote references without the need to go to the institution.

On the sectors that will be focused on in the future by the Sharjah Education Council .. Al Kaabi said that all sectors will be affected after this global crisis, but for the Council, the focus on the educational sector was and still is the most important because it is the basis for sustainable development in society on various environmental, economic and social levels. Through it, the shape of education, the challenges and obstacles that it faces in the future, the search for alternatives and solutions to the problems that faced the educational process, the development of solutions in line with the future visions of the rational leadership to achieve sustainable education and the search for a new formulation of e-learning policies in which the focus should be on the educational outcomes, taking into account the psychological aspect And socialization among students and laying strong foundations based on innovation and engagement in the artificial intelligence community, the digital revolution, and community partnership to serve society.

He explained that all the elements of the educational process will be included in the change, including the student’s thinking, needs, ways of thinking and the way he learns, as well as the social and psychological aspects in the life of the student and the teacher. School buildings, laboratories, spaces, and the family’s thinking and redesigning their homes will change. Curricula and how information is presented will be clearly focused on skills and handicrafts Teaching methods, examinations and activity classes will all need to be re-studied and developed.

Hybrid education

Al-Kaabi pointed out that one of the teaching methods that some teachers may use is the flipped or inverted teaching. In the traditional situation, the student receives the lesson information through the lecture inside the classroom from the teacher directly, while the student solves the educational assignments to deepen the important concepts at home alone, but this method does not Taking into account the individual differences of students, but in flipped education, the student receives information and explanations at home, while he will solve educational assignments and deepen concepts in the classroom with the help of the teacher and students, and we will see hybrid education, which divides the student’s time between home and school, or education from near and far, so that the time is divided Between studying from home and attending school.

Dr. Al-Kaabi stressed that the crisis has gained us many lessons, including the necessity to coexist with the various events and developments and look at them positively, and that the wheel of life will not stop with its existence. Rather, trust in God must be the basis of life and knowing that “only what God has written for us will happen to us.” With the necessity Adopting the precautionary measures called for by the World Health Organization and making sure that any emergency in this life must have a negative and a positive side.

Comprehensive development

For her part, Maryam Jaber Al Shamsi, Director of Early Childhood Department at the Sharjah Education Council, said that the Council, during the period of remote work, achieved a comprehensive development for its employees in early childhood management, ranging between 120 and 180 training hours, which included holding 40 educational workshops in the “Arabic and English” curricula that were directed. For parents and children, in addition to the production of a number of educational videos that included positive messages for parents and their children, the nurseries of the Council prepared various lessons and workshops that were all included in an educational bag and distributed to most nursery children, and they received a beautiful positive response on their part.

She added that the Council has enrolled nursery workers, in addition to involving parents, with an educational workshop launched by the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority through an educational platform on how to deal with children during the current health crisis, as well as hosting a number of trainers for awareness and education .. The Council also launched the platform «Let us learn» It contained 58 educational links for parents, teachers and supervisors and all segments of society in everything related to children, in addition to cooperation with the Prevention and Safety Authority in Sharjah and the Health Education and Child Safety Departments of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in organizing a number of educational workshops on precautionary and preventive measures. Guardian, teacher and supervisor.


On the procedures followed in nurseries currently ... Maryam Al Shamsi said that the council has prepared a guideline that includes the plans to be completed by the nursery and the processes to be implemented before reopening the nurseries, noting that the Council, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Sharjah Municipality and the Bee'ah Company, has sterilized all nurseries. The council’s 29 nurseries .. pointing out that the children were received according to certain health requirements and the adoption of the group system so that one group does not exceed 10 children accompanied by the teacher and assistance, and those who are not allowed to have contact with the rest of the educational and career staff in the nursery, in addition to placing cameras to measure children's temperature and devices Sterilization and allocating isolation rooms in the event that the child or the educational staff is exposed to a health exhibitor, in addition to adopting follow-up forms for the daily work assigned at this stage.


For her part, Shaima Al Hosani, head of the health care department at the Sharjah Education Council, indicated that 82 members of the Nursing Council have been assigned to work in the ranks of the first line of defense through their presence in health centers and land and sea ports, confirming the continuity of the work of a number of them in those locations.

She said that the Council issued a guide on the emerging corona virus, which included awareness bulletins about hand washing, infection prevention and control while providing health care, an awareness leaflet on the way of greeting and greeting, the etiquette of sneezing and coughing, the five steps for dealing with the patient, educational guidelines for preventing respiratory diseases, home quarantine and safe ways to deal With gags.

She explained that during the period of remote work, the Health Care Department presented to the employees of the Sharjah Education Council a number of educational lectures approved by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection that dealt with precautionary measures, healthy foods and the role of sport in enhancing the body's immunity.


For her part, Hoda Al Shehhi, Head of the Student Activities and Skills Department at the Council, said that the Sharjah Education Council, during the period of remote work, launched the initiative «Your interest» for students of public and private schools in the emirate under the slogan «Reward yourself after the distance school hours with activities that cultivate positivity» which included a group Among the projects and competitions, as well as holding a number of educational workshops for male and female students, including a filmmaking workshop in cooperation with the "Fann" Foundation, which specializes in media art for children and young people, for the age group from 14 to 18 years, to introduce the basics of making short films and hold a brainstorming session entitled "How do you spend your spare time." ».. In addition to virtual workshops in cooperation with the Sharjah Museums Authority on“ Printing Technology ”and“ Agriculture ”in the Iron Age, in cooperation with the Sharjah Sports Council and the Sharjah Cultural Chess Club, the Sharjah Education Council’s Virtual Chess Championship and the Football Skills Championship were also organized in cooperation with Sharjah Academy for Space Science and Technology and Astronomy to hold a workshop to promote astronomy culture among students and provide them with many experiences to keep pace with the country's developments in the field of astronomy and space.

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