Sharjah Home Safety Manual has launched

Sharjah Home Safety Manual has launched

The Prevention and Safety Authority launched the booklet “Safety at Home” by protecting family members from all household hazards, in both Arabic and English, combining requirements for prevention in various home locations, kitchens that collect gas cylinders and food mixers that contain a large number of hazards, As children play with their sharp tools, the necessity to keep clothes and hair away from the moving parts of the devices, in addition to chemicals such as cleaning materials, pesticides, and dyes, which we will be able to prevent when keeping them in a cool and dry place, out of the reach of children.

The booklet also included other dangers, such as short circuits, fires, and heating equipment. The booklet outlined ways to prevent these dangers in an effective way until the help of firefighters and paramedics arrived.

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"Its presence in the house," said Abdullah Al-Majdi, the agency’s Preventive Training Institute Instructor at the Prevention and Safety Authority.

This is Majidi, that homes are a site for the comfort and tranquility of individuals, but they also contain a variety of sources of dangers, so this booklet includes a set of guidelines that would maintain public safety to be enjoyed by all members of the home.

He pointed out the need to train support workers and qualify them to deal with these dangers, in order to ensure the safety of all family members.

It is worth noting that the authority launched a number of new arrangements concerned with prevention in educational, residential, commercial and hotel facilities on behalf of the Safety Manual in health facilities.

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