Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority organized workshops for home security and safety

 Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority organized workshops for home  security and safety

The Prevention and Safety Authority in Sharjah organized a number of special workshops, "remote" and via social media, related to the safety and security of children and adults and safety in general in homes.
The engineer, Lamia Al-Noman, Director of the Support Services Department at the authority, confirmed that such awareness and educational workshops enjoy great follow-up by the families and families in general in their homes, especially during this current period, during which many stay in their homes during the period of the national sterilization program.
She said: The authority presents the workshops through the social networking site "Instagram", and in every workshop about 3000 people from families and members of the community attend, and there will be a great response to the lecturers and workshop providers in different languages.
She pointed out that the Sharjah Safety and Prevention Authority, in cooperation with the Sharjah e-government department, prepared three training courses covering different age groups in society, using modern programs for remote communication, where the programs included "child safety and security, security and safety of the elderly, safety at home", The program "Child Safety and Safety" touched on a simple and comprehensive introduction to public safety, while the aspects of caring for children were defined more deeply, in terms of psychological and physical aspects and modern ways of learning for children.
The program for the elderly discussed the risks they may be exposed to, the ways to care for them, and ways to prevent the transmission of viruses and diseases to them, and preserve their health, while the Safety at Home program touched on a comprehensive introduction on the importance of public health and safety, the risks in our homes and ways to evaluate them, and the mechanism of making Everyone is able to assess risks and spread a culture of prevention and safety among all members of his family to avoid any injuries or accidents.
In turn, Mona Radhi, a training specialist for the "Commission", presented a workshop "remote" on household accidents, especially those that may happen in the kitchens, means of prevention according to pre-emptive procedures, the damages that may result from them and dealing with them, and the first aid to be followed to reduce Risks and risks resulting from it.
I knew the risks that might occur, such as physical hazards such as hot, sharp, and electrical tools, in addition to chemical hazards such as cleaning and maintenance materials and tools, medicines and some pesticides, biological hazards from viruses, bacteria, and the Corona virus “Covid-19” and what the world is currently exposed to, to protect ourselves and parents. , And poisoning bacteria and foodstuffs, according to storage and site engineering.
It shed light on accidents that may occur such as burns, wounds, falls and tripping, as well as poisoning, electric shock and suffocation, fire hazards, prevention, dealing with and confronting them, and taking proactive precautions that can reduce or prevent them from occurring in homes.
She emphasized that the Sharjah Safety and Prevention Authority aims through these awareness-raising programs and workshops to reach all individuals and groups of society, from children, heads of families and the elderly, to spread awareness about prevention and safety measures in a broad and simple manner that is appropriate for all different age groups, to benefit everyone.

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