SPSA provides a training program for tower and complex guards

SPSA provides a training program for tower and complex guards

In cooperation with the Real Estate Registration Department in Sharjah and in completion of the role of the Prevention and Safety Authority in disseminating the culture of prevention in order to achieve its vision aimed at achieving a safe society free from dangers, the Protection and Safety Authority held a training program entitled "Guidelines for Prevention and Safety in Residential Establishments" for guards of towers and complexes in real estate development projects intended for sale With the retail system and management supervision services companies for owners association associations, as the programs were presented in both Arabic and English.

His Excellency Sheikh Saif bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Director of the Prevention and Safety Authority, stated that the authority is looking to reach a safe society free from dangers, and this vision is only achieved through the concerted efforts in both governmental and private sectors, which ensures the safety of community members from possible accidents.

The Director of the Prevention and Safety Authority added that the Authority has consistently provided awareness in all sectors related to safety and protection from hazards, through training programs that are currently provided with remote technology, in addition to awareness during building inspection campaigns, as the authority works to enhance the readiness of the residential sector from During rendering
The two-fold awareness and services represented by inspection campaigns and the development of fire systems according to an integrated work system.

The training program touched on a number of axes that contribute effectively to raising the level of protective awareness among the guards, the most important of which are preventive measures to reduce the risks of building facilities such as electric lifts and emergency exits, fire systems and ways to combat them in buildings, to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

The Authority urged, through training and awareness-raising programs, to persevere in the following precautionary and preventive measures, which are seen as one of the most important pillars necessary to reduce housing accidents, and to consider these measures as a way of life and a sustainable way.

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