The Prevention and Safety Authority reviews its semi annual achievements for the year 2021

The Prevention and Safety Authority reviews its semi annual achievements for the year 2021

Within the framework of the Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority’s endeavor to spread the culture of occupational safety and health among all members of society, and to make the culture of safety first a way of life, the authority organized (39) workshops and training programs, which were presented through visual communication techniques, on occupational safety and health for (2098). Trainees during the first half of this year, with the aim of raising their awareness of the most important concepts of safety and the mechanisms used to manage risks and ways to prevent them. And make each individual in the community the ability to sense the dangers around him and avoid their occurrence.

The authority inspected (2804) preventive inspection facilities, including residential and commercial facilities, in order to monitor any potential risks in the facilities in order to enhance and raise the level of safety in them, and to ensure the safety of their residents, in addition to working to correct any conditions that may lead to accidents and ensure that they do not recur. .

Your safety bus also visited (16) facilities from various government and private agencies in the Emirate of Sharjah and provided workshops on occupational safety and health for more than (280) trainees, taking into account taking all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of trainees. For recipients, the bus aims to save effort and time for institutions and transport those workshops.

The authority launched 3 awareness campaigns, the first of which was the occupational safety and health campaign for school students, which was held in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs and Student Activities Department at the University of Sharjah, to educate university students and the administrative and academic bodies about the safety rules on the campus, through which (99) trainees were targeted. Regarding the heat stress campaign, the authority has continued its efforts to raise the level of preventive awareness among members of society, to raise awareness of the dangers of heat stress, through awareness-raising inspection visits to construction sites, and to disseminate important information about the symptoms of heat stress and ways to prevent it, and to ensure that institutions comply with the decision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation Which provides for stopping work under direct sunlight from twelve thirty until three in the afternoon, as for the residential towers safety campaign, which was launched for the second year in a row in the summer, which aims to ensure that residential towers are linked to the early warning system Aman, a system that connects Alarm and fire systems in the towers of the civil defense electronic control room, which increases the safety rate for the population through To monitor fire alarm systems electronically to ensure the validity of the systems around the clock. The authority received (1617) registration requests to install a safety device during the first half of this year.

As for the Preventive Training Institute for Safety, the Institute has trained (1493) from various categories, including workers and building guards, in addition to occupational safety and health officials, in order to qualify them in terms of awareness of the latest developments related to occupational safety and health, so that highly experienced cadres are created in the scope of public safety Highly familiar with the ways to correct dangerous situations, she can handle various hazards.

Sheikh Khalid bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Prevention and Safety Authority, said that the Authority is moving forward in order to raise the level of safety in the emirate, and that its goal is to reach a safe society free from dangers, and this will be achieved by spreading the culture of prevention and safety among all members of society and making each individual qualified to monitor Any potential danger and prevent it from happening.