The University of Sharjah celebrates the graduation of occupational health and safety trainers

 The University of Sharjah celebrates the graduation of occupational health and safety trainers

Sharjah on March 1 / WAM / The University of Sharjah, in cooperation with the Protection and Safety Authority of the Government of Sharjah, in the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Saif Muhammad Al Qasimi, Director of the Prevention and Safety Authority ... held a graduation ceremony for the “Professional Diploma for Preparing Occupational Health and Safety Trainers”, which was prepared and implemented by the Education Center Continuous and professional development at the University of Sharjah for 25 participants from the departments and institutions of the Sharjah government, at the rate of 130 training hours, with the aim of graduating the "Safety Ambassadors" team to work as trainers for the cadres of employees of the Government of Sharjah in the field of occupational health and safety.

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Hamid Mujul Al Nuaimi, Director of the University of Sharjah, Dr. Radi Al Zubaidi, Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development at the university, and a number of officials from both sides, and participants in the diploma.

His Excellency Sheikh Saif Muhammad Al Qasimi directed the graduates congratulations and blessings on their success in the professional diploma to prepare the occupational health and safety trainers in the first batch, embodying the goals and vision of the authority, which is to reach a safe society free from dangers.

Then he addressed the graduates saying: "My brothers, the graduates, it is not clear to you that the next stage is a stage of work and diligence, so spreading a culture of prevention and safety among all members of society is not easy, nor is it impossible, as it requires us to make every possible effort and seek conciliation from God Almighty, as protection Spirits and possessions are everyone's responsibility, as I assure you that my confidence in you is to spread that unparalleled message, and that you are the best who will bear that responsibility on his shoulders efficiently. My graduate brothers invite you to rely on God Almighty in every matter of this life’s affairs, because there is no success except With his patronage, may He be glorified and exalted, and to be sincere in all fields of work, and that the commission will always be ready to meet all your needs. I also thank the efforts of the University of Sharjah and the members of the teaching and administrative staff who have improved your qualification and preparation. ” Dr. Radi Al-Zubaidi expressed his pride in graduating a new constellation equipped with science and knowledge within the environment of the University of Sharjah, whose mission is based on excellence and excellence..and he said that the professional diploma program for preparing occupational health and safety trainers is one of the pioneering programs in the field of maintaining occupational health and safety at work, as it included On seven main axes in addition to the graduation research presented by each trainee and evaluated by a scientific committee of professors lecturing in all programs, which gave an opportunity to compete for the highest scientific assessments. "The work of a professional diploma to prepare occupational health and safety coaches enriches participants' knowledge of concepts Modern in training, developing their skills and capabilities in preparing and implementing training programs related to occupational health and safety, identifying the basics of occupational safety and health and managing risk, and how to deal with dangerous materials in handling and storage, assessing health and safety risks and developing preventive plans for that, as well as promoting a positive culture of health And occupational safety in the construction and project sectors, and work to develop and implement occupational health and safety policies The protective systems in the Emirate of Sharjah.

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